Pend Oreille County Fire District 8 Boundary Map

District Summary

Pend Oreille County Fire District 8 was formed in 1992 as a result of “Fire Storm” to provide fire protection to the residents of the “Spring Valley” community. We became a state-licensed aid-only emergency medical provider in 2005.

Fire District 8 encompasses the southeast corner of Pend Oreille County and extends from the Idaho/Washington State line west approximately six miles and then from the Spokane County line north about six miles with a diagonal line running northeast to southwest along a mountainous ridge line. Within these borders, it encompasses approximately 30 square miles.

The population of Fire District 8 is approximately 700 permanent residents. The major employers are self-employed farms. However, the majority of the residents work outside of the district.

More About District 8

Fire District 8 responders are volunteers who live or have lived in or near the district. Our volunteer firefighters have training in structural and wildland firefighting, advanced first aid and CPR, hazmat response and vehicle extrication. Emergency medical personnel are either certified as First Responders (EMRs) or as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) providing Basic Life Support.

Fire District 8 firefighters train two evenings per month to maintain their skills. Emergency medical personnel, with EMR or EMT certifications, train an additional evening per month.

Fire District 8 is part of the countywide fire and medical mutual aid agreement.

Fire District 8 owns one dedicated unmanned fire station (Station 81) on land donated to the district at the southeast corner of Spring Valley Road and Tweedie Road. It has electrical power and a well (installed in 2022). No natural gas serves the area.

Fire District 8 installed two dry hydrants in the southwest portion of the district in a small private lake and a private pond. An additional dry hydrant is available part of the year which is located north of the district at the corner of Spring Valley Road and Scotia Road. The district has no pressurized hydrants or rivers within in its boundary.

We participate jointly with other county fire districts in fire safety education offered through the local schools. We participate with Newport High School’s Fire Science course and with DNR by offering a host district for our junior firefighters while they complete their training. Students may become firefighters in both structure and wildland fire fighting.

Fire District 8 is a charter member and the Chief is a member of the countywide Pend Oreille Training Council. Our District continues to have and encourages its volunteers to participate in fire training programs as well as providing education to the public we serve.

Volunteer Responders


Board of Fire Commissioners & Chief

Roger Castle
Roger CastleCommissioner, Position 1
Ed Funkhouser
Ed FunkhouserCommissioner, Position 2
Jim Hiebert
Jim HiebertCommissioner, Position 3
Larry Hiebert
Larry HiebertFire Chief