Tim Williams was voted by his peers as Firefighter of the Year for 2011. De Williams and Arlene (Riki) Watkins received awards for their dedication to maintaining our Emergency Medical Service and for their service as EMTs. Daniels Weathers (13 years), Todd Behrend (11 years), Jason Hiebert (10 years) and Josh Hiebert (10 years) received awards of appreciation for their years of dedication to the District. Roger Ens (retired) also received an award of appreciation for his 10-year dedication to the District. Steve McDirmid was instrumental in helping to form this District and he was very active in it during its early years. His widow was given his award of “Outstanding Service to the District” for his dedication to the District. Laura Smith-Johnson, who supported our volunteers in an administrative position during 2011, received the Chief’s Award. Chief Larry Hiebert was recognized by the Commissioners and was presented with an “Award of Excellence” for “Outstanding Service as Chief”. Commissioner Johnson recognized all of our volunteers when he borrowed a quote from Tracy Chapman which was modified by Laura Smith-Johnson and said, “you, our firefighters and EMTs, are extraordinary people wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.