You MUST CALL 1-800-323-BURN (2876) or visit each day prior to lighting ANY fire for instructions specific to that day and location.

Contact your local fire district for extra restrictions there. Visit to locate your fire district’s website.

Highlights of Burning Restrictions:

  • The burn pile must be less than 4 feet across or less than 3 feet across and 2 feet high for recreational campfires.
  • Slash piles can only contain natural vegetation derived from un-improved property.
  • An open fire must be on a non-combustible surface and at least 50 feet from combustible objects (buildings, fences, etc.).
  • Burn no more than one pile at any time and each pile must be completely extinguished before lighting another.
  • Create a fire break around the pile by constructing a barrier to bare mineral soil with no flammable material.
  • Keep a shovel and connected water hose or at least 5 gallons of water nearby.
  • A person capable of extinguishing the fire must be in attendance at all times while burning.
  • Burn only in calm or light winds. Don’t burn when the wind is swaying trees, extending flags or causing rough waves on the water.

Please visit to read more about the rules for burning outdoors.