There is a mountain (literally) that separates the residents of the Woodman Road area from the rest of Fire District 8. When there’s an emergency, first responders from Fire District 8 have to drive around the mountain and then through South Pend Oreille Fire & Rescue’s (SPOFR’s) district before reentering District 8 from the north. Access to this area from District 8 adds on critical time in cases of a medical emergency. This area, which consists of only 1 and 1/4 square miles, will be far better served from SPOFR’s Diamond Lake station.

One resident of Woodman Road requested for years to be released by Fire District 8 so they could be annexed into SPOFR, but each time he was denied by the former chief. In 2011, after the new chief took over, his request was approved. Staff from District 8 began meetings with SPOFR to work out the details and in the interim SPOFR offered to service the Woodman Road residents.

Fire District 8 cares about the public it serves and is showing it by letting go of an area when the benefit to the public outweighs the benefit to the district.

Pend Oreille Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing regarding this subject at 11:30am on Feb. 21, 2012 in their meeting room, 625 W. 4th, Newport.