Volunteer Firefighters and Medical Responders

Larry Hiebert, Chief
Jason Hiebert, Assistant Chief
Todd Behrend, Lieutenant
Jim Hiebert, Tender Operator
Josh Hiebert, Tender Operator
Riki Watkins, EMT/Firefighter
Laura Smith-Johnson, Firefighter/EMR
Michelle Smith-Werley, First Aid
Jackie Hiebert, First Aid
Daniel Weathers, Firefighter
Jeremy Hiebert, Firefighter
Ed Funkhouser, Firefighter
Jared Dean, Firefighter
Vernon Dean, Firefighter
Kevin McKiernan, Firefighter
Daniel Swoboda, Firefighter

Volunteer staff who support our firefighters and medical responders with pride

Fire Commissioners:

  • Roger Castle
  • Ed Funkhouser
  • Jim Hiebert – Chairman

Send Email to commissioners@pocfire8.org

Commissioners meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted. The meetings are open to the public. Issues regarding the fire district are discussed and expenses are presented for payment.


Fire Chief: Larry Hiebert chief@pocfire8.org
Commissioners’ Secretary: DarLynn Thompson secretary@pocfire8.org
EMS Supervisor: Larry Hiebert emt@pocfire8.org
IT: Laura Smith-Johnson admin@pocfire8.org

  • Commissioners Meeting December 19, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

    Public meeting - all are welcome to attend.

    See more details

Fire District 8 Association

District 8 Association members volunteer their time and resources to provide support for the district’s firefighters and emergency responders through fundraising events and social events.

Board Members:

  • Penny Funkhouser, President
  • Todd Behrend, Vice President