Volunteer Firefighters and Medical Responders

Larry Hiebert, Chief
Jason Hiebert, Assistant Chief
Todd Behrend, Lieutenant
Jim Hiebert, Tender Operator
Josh Hiebert, Tender Operator
Riki Watkins, EMT/Firefighter
Laura Smith-Johnson, Firefighter/EMR
Michelle Smith-Werley, First Aid
Jackie Hiebert, First Aid
Daniel Weathers, Firefighter
Jeremy Hiebert, Firefighter
Ed Funkhouser, Firefighter
Jared Dean, Firefighter
Katelynn Dean, Firefighter
Michael Martin, Firefighter/EMT
Vernon Dean, Firefighter
Kevin McKiernan, Firefighter
Daniel Swoboda, Firefighter

Volunteer staff who support our firefighters and medical responders with pride

Fire Commissioners:

  • Roger Castle
  • Ed Funkhouser
  • Jim Hiebert – Chairman

Send Email to commissioners@pocfire8.org

Commissioners meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted. The meetings are open to the public. Issues regarding the fire district are discussed and expenses are presented for payment.


Fire Chief: Larry Hiebert chief@pocfire8.org
Commissioners’ Secretary: DarLynn Thompson secretary@pocfire8.org
EMS Supervisor: Larry Hiebert emt@pocfire8.org
IT: Laura Smith-Johnson admin@pocfire8.org

  • Commissioners Meeting July 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

    Public meeting - all are welcome to attend.

    See more details

Fire District 8 Association

District 8 Association members volunteer their time and resources to provide support for the district’s firefighters and emergency responders through fundraising events and social events.

Board Members:

  • Penny Funkhouser, President
  • Todd Behrend, Vice President